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About Immurich Medicine

The Dhanwantari's Immurich Capsule is prepared from the cow colostrum of first 16 hours. Because the cow colostrum collected between first 24 hours is having Highest Amount of The Immune Boosters..

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About Cow Colostrum

Cow Colostrum offers tremendous possibilities for providing unparalleled support to the immune system that may be the deciding factor in the body's war against illness..                                                         



What Doctors are saying...
Mujawar Hospital And Clinic

At / Post-Jalgaon Supe, Tal. Baramati, Dist. Pune. Ph.02112- 248148

Date : 16-3-2009
          I have been using Dhanwantri Cap.ImmuRich since last 3-4 months.The results are very miraculous as I have got best results in Retropositive patients and Hepatitis B infected cases.I had used Dhanwatari Cap. ImmuRich in cases infertility where it has proved to be very nutritious by improving system functioning. So,Dhanwantari Cap. ImmuRich holds bright and encouraging future.
Dr. Shafique Mujawar.
M.D. (Homoeo).Physcian and Surgeon
Zambre Homeo Clinic

Behind Moto Collection, Baramati, Dist Pune. Ph. 02112-221363

Date : 10-03-2009
          I used Dhanwantari Cow-Colostrum ImmuRich Drug for my Two Patients, one was suffering from Eosophasil Varises haivng comptaints of Hemoptasis and also complaints of Blood passing through anus, his platelets counts was 60,000. That time I used Dhanwatari Cap. ImmuRich, After 20 days the complaints of patient decreased & platelets counts increased about 1,00,000.
Dr. Nandakumar S. Zambre.
M.D. (Homoepath)
Homeopathic - Consultant
Siddhivinayak- Pain Relief Centre
Date : 12-03-2009
          Dhanwantari Colostrum Capsule is one of the precious molecules on the Earth. I experinced eneouraging results for my patients for following illnesses Acute conditons like wound infection, Bed sores, Diabetic foot. Chronic conditions like cancer, stroke and Asthama. Dhanwantari Colostrum has great future as an oral immounglobulin..
Dr. Kirti S. Pawar.
M.B.B.S. D.A.
Pain Consultant & Intensive
Shri Swami Samarth Medical Clinic
Date : 16-03-2009
         I have a patient of Scanty menses for treatment before 3 months. I have given Dhanwantari Cap. ImmuRich for 2 TDS for 3 months. After 3 months the patient got noticeable results. According to me Dhanwantari Cap. ImmuRich is having Rasayan effect on Rasadhatu so the patient got this results. Cap. ImmuRich is having encouraging results in Anemia, O.A., Bed sore, Psoriasis.
Vaidya Mrs. Varsha Kortikar.
B.A.M.S. M.D.
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