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Acrylic Candle Stand ACS0
 Online Products 
 Festival Special - Diwali 
Acrylic Candle Stand ACS001 Decorative Candle stand for this Diwali occasion
Price : 440.00
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 Blue Bullet The Juice Diet is Good for all...
Juice Diet
Note: Recommended to take Juice in the morning and avoid Coffee/Tea for 1 hour after taking Juice.
Improves Eye-sight, Teeth, helps in curing Liver ulcers, Diabetes, TB , Cancer
Improves Blood, Digestion, strengthens Intestines, improves weight, provides resistance to Cancer
Reduces Diabetes, cures worms in the stools, reduces kidney-stones,  Arthritis ,  Allergy ,  Jaundice .
Cucumber (Keera/Keera Dosakaayi)
Reduces Joint-pains, reducess Weight- loss, helps in curing Diabetes, provides coolness to body, improves Digestion.
Cures Colds, Cough, Asthma, Jaundice, Piles, Sinus, Dental diseases .
Improves eye-sight, reduces weight-loss , Helps in curing TB and diseases related to Intestines, Heart, Liver .
Cures Colds, Fever, Heart problems, Nervous disorders, High BP, provides strength to Bones.
Wheat Grass
(Godhuma Gaddi)
Considered as boon to life, Cures Psychological, Sex related, Gynaecology  related , Digestion related problems.
Leafy Vegetables
(Aku koora/Harit  sabji)
Cures Kidney problems, Ulcers, purifies Blood, improves Digestion and in general helps in curing all diseases .
Raagi Jaava/ Raagi
Improves Immunity to diseases, provides strength to Body and Bones, improves Digestion.
Goose Berry
Strengthens Nervous system, Heart, reduces Constipation, Cures Eye, Ear , Sex problems, Darkens hair.
Drumstick leaf (Mulaga Aku/)
Good for eyes, reduces Ulcers, Dandruff, Constipation, Gastric problems, strengthens Bones.
Good for heart, Lungs, Improves digestion, Cures Kidney stones, Cholera, Typhoid
Sprouts(Molakalu/   )
Provides all Vitamins and minerals to the body, Improves Immunity and increases energy levels
Cumin seeds
Improves Appetite, cures Nervous disorders, Fever, improves Blood circulation, helps curing heart problems.
Neem Leaf
(Vepaaku/ Neem pattar)
Cures Diabetes, cures worms in stool, purifies Blood, provides mental peace
(Kalabanda/ )
Considered as wonder drug & divine gift, good for all parts of body  from head to toes
Cures Diabetes, Weight-loss, Good for Heart, Liver, Kidney, cures Gastric problem.
Cures Breathlessness, Throat, Eye, Skin diseases, Intestine problems.
Cures Gastric problems,Ulcers, Anemia, Diahorrea, Obesity 
Good for Liver, Digestion, Youthfullness, provides immunity to Cancer, reduces Kidney Problems, and Phelgm
Bottle Gourd(Anapakaaya /Sorakaya/Lauki)
Helps weight reduction, reduces Allergy, Constipation, purifies Blood
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