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Job title : Social Media Manager

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.What online communities have you managed in the past?
Ans:Here, you can mention how big the accounts you managed were, the number of followers, the strategy you followed, etc. Not enough big brand experience? No problem, you may also talk about your personal social networks but make sure they are “job seeking friendly”.

2.Which social media channels do you recommend for our business?
Ans:Make sure you study the business you’re interviewing with, think about their target audience, industry they work in and possible strategies they could follow and then compare it to what each social network offers. You’ll have no problem to tackle this question and other similar ones if you have done your homework and informed yourself about the business/brand beforehand.

3.What do you think should be the goals of our Facebook/Google+/Twitter account?
Ans:You should investigate what they have done in the past on their social networks and also what they could improve. Hint: Make sure to share reachable and measurable goals.

4. How can social media help create value for SEO?
Ans:SEO skills are important to have when you are working with social media. Talk about your SEO strategies, the tools you use and the way you measure and analyze the results.Google Analytics is a must here. Also, provide examples and be prepared to be tested by the recruiter.

5. What social media tools do you use?
Ans:Here you will need to drop some names. It’s important you know how to use one or more Social Media Management platforms such as HootSuite, SproutSocial or TweetDeck. Be prepared to explain why you use them and what features you like from one or the other.

6. What are relevant metrics for tracking social media success?
Ans:Engagement, brand reach and lead generation is what helps show the ROI of social media to a business, these measurements show the results of your job. Show the interviewer that you are an expert analyzing the metrics and have solutions to improve them.

7. How would you deal with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis?
Ans:Show the hiring manager that you are able to react quickly and face a crisis with self-confidence and efficiency. You may use examples of famous brand reputation crises to tell what you think was done well and what not.

8. Can you describe your biggest social media failure?
Ans:Everybody makes mistakes, it’s not a big deal. Be completely honest about this and focus on what you learned from your bad experiences. Tell your negative stories, too. Also, mention how you corrected it and the changes you made to avoid it from happening again in the future.

9. How do you stay updated with the latest social trends?
Ans:If you are a social networking enthusiast, you surely follow some blogs and influencers. Let the recruiter know you are always up to date and share your favorites!

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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