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Job title : Office Assistant

Questions being asked in the interview :

1. What can you tell me about time management in relation to the job of an office assistant?
Ans.This question seeks to find out whether the interviewee has a good grasp of the field and what is involved. Most of the information required to answer this question will be learnt through theory classes. This will show how well the applicant qualified in their theory examinations. In answering such a question, the applicant can define what customer service is and what the staff members in a customer service department do on a daily basis. They should also outline that there are different levels of customer service and briefly state the benefits of good and efficient customer services.

2.Do you think it’s important to maintain cleanliness in and around the office?
Ans.Besides duties like handling calls and other forms of communication, managing documentation, coordinating events, etc., an office assistant maintains an efficient and pleasant working environment by keeping it fresh and free of clutter.

3.What are significant characteristics for a successful office assistant? 
Ans.Besides time management and cleanliness, an office assistant has excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively coordinate activities between the office manager and his business colleagues, present reports, send and answer emails, etc.

4.What office-related software are you proficient with?
Ans.An office assistant is able to use various standard communication software, such as – emailing tools, Messenger, and Skype. Moreover, he/she is able to type and be proficient in Word, Office, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

5.What kind of documents do you have experience writing?
Ans.Office assistants typically write any or all of the following: thank-you letters, newsletters, labels, donor and annual reports, emails, messages, fax messages, etc.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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